The members of the Centre are staff and students at the five partner organisations who work on Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Management, environmental footprinting and related issues.
Members of the New Zealand Life Cycle Management Centre

Associate Members

Associate membership is awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the work of the Centre.
Associate members of the New Zealand Life Cycle Management Centre

LCM Student Group

PhD Students of the New Zealand Life Cycle Management Centre, together with other students around the country focusing on LCM, formed a student Group in October 2012.  This group is supported and facilitated by the NZLCM Centre and allows the students to organise video conferences in order to discuss important milestones and their research project progress; get insights into LCM from different perspectives; and see their project in the bigger picture.  The group meets every three to four months.  For further information please get in touch with the Centre Director, Sarah McLaren (