The NZLCM Centre offers a wide range of educational opportunities to study Life Cycle Management. Papers are available at postgraduate level through Massey University. 

Opportunities are also available to study towards a PhD specialising in Life Cycle Management and related techniques.

Massey University

Massey University offers two 15-credit papers in Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Management at postgraduate level.  Papers are delivered in distance-learning mode to enable flexibility for people in the workforce so that they can study in a style that fits in with other demands in their lives. Students may also be required attend a short course (two days) as part of each paper, usually around mid-semester.

The papers contribute towards postgraduate qualifications, including the Postgraduate Diplomas and Master’s degrees in AgriScience, Environmental Management, and Engineering Studies with endorsements in Life Cycle Management. 

Paper 238.700: Life Cycle Assessment and Footprinting Principles

The concept of life cycle thinking and its application to support decision-making for product systems. The paper will provide an overview of the principles and methodology for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) according to the ISO 14040 and 14044 standards, and introduce related environmental footprinting approaches (carbon and water footprinting). More information

Paper 238.711 Life Cycle Assessment and Footprinting Case Studies

Case studies, selected to meet learner requirements, are used to examine the philosophical, methodological and empirical issues in LCA and Footprinting across different scales (e.g. product, company, city or country), contexts (e.g. , supply chain management, product design, eco-certification, urban planning and public policy evaluation) and sectors (e.g. dairy, energy, fibre, forestry, horticulture, manufacturing, meat, or tourism).. More information

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