International Sustainable Production and Consumption Conference


The inaugural International Sustainable Production and Consumption Conference will take place on 4-5 October 2018 in Manchester, UK. It willprovide a platform for high-quality papers related to sustainable production and consumption, and explore...

A new article has been published


Thomas Elliot and his supervisors Prof Sarah J McLaren and Prof Ralph Sims have published an article in Sustainable Production and Consumption. The article investigates the environmental benefits associated with the uptake of E-...

Chinese markets becoming more sensitive to NZ horticultural sustainability attributes


At the recent Horticulture New Zealand conference, Rabobank discussed the marketing of New Zealand’s horticultural products to China. Hayden Higgins, senior horticultural analyst at Rabobank, highlighted that although food safety and quality were...

New article published


NZLCM Centre student Helene Seidel-Sterzik and her supervisors Sarah McLaren and Elena Garnevska have just published an article (A Capability Maturity Model for Life Cycle Management at the Industry Sector Level) in Sustainability. The article...

Absolute sustainability research: a new publication


NZLCM Centre student Chanjief Chandrakumar and supervisor Professor Sarah McLaren have published a book chapter on the inter-linkages between the Planetary Boundaries and Sustainable Development Goals, underpinning the development of an absolute...

Grass-fed livestock – a climate solution?


Grazed and Confused? set out to answer the question: can grazing livestock help to mitigate climate change? If so, by how much?

Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) attempts to address this question in their recent report that summarises...