NZLCM Centre is a founding member of the Planetary Accounting Network


NZ Life Cycle Management Centre is a founding memeber of the new Planetary Accounting Network 'PAN'- a not-for-profit research centre focusing on the limits of a liveable planet. PAN works to enable people, businesses and governments to make...

A new conference paper has been published


NZLCM Centre PhD student Chanjief Chandrakumar and his supervisors Prof Sarah McLaren, Dr Niahl P Jayamaha and Dr Ramilan Thiagarajah, along with their collaborators at the University of Sydney (Dr Arunima Malik and Prof Manfred Lenzen) published...

11th International Conference on LCA of Food 2018


The International Life Cycle Assessment of Food (LCA Food) Conference is held every two years ( ), and provides a forum for both...

Global Climate Change Week 2018


Massey University celebrated the Global Climate Change Week on each of the three campuses on 15-19 October 2018, creating awareness about the increasing climate change impacts and the necessary mitigation strategies. Chanjief Chandrakumar was one...

International Sustainable Production and Consumption Conference


The inaugural International Sustainable Production and Consumption Conference will take place on 4-5 October 2018 in Manchester, UK. It willprovide a platform for high-quality papers related to sustainable production and consumption, and explore...

A new article has been published


Thomas Elliot and his supervisors Prof Sarah J McLaren and Prof Ralph Sims have published an article in Sustainable Production and Consumption. The article investigates the environmental benefits associated with the uptake of E-...