New Zealand Life Cycle Management Centre

The NZ Life Cycle Management Centre is a collaboration between Massey University, AgResearch, Landcare Research, Plant & Food Research and SCION to build capability in Life Cycle Management by providing education, training and research to LCM professionals to meet increasing consumer demand for green metrics on products. 


Whats new in LCM?

Sustainability Pays: Studies that Prove the Business Case for Sustainability

When those wild-eyed environmentalists at Goldman Sachs tell you htat the companies that are the leaders in sustainable, social and good governance polices have 25% higher stock value than their less sustainable competitors, there's a buisness case for behaving in ways that are more responsible to the planet and to people more

What is LCM?

The concept of Life Cycle Thinking underlies the approach used in Life Cycle Management (LCM). Starting with a consumer product such as an apple, a merino jumper or a pack of dried milk, the whole supply chain can be modelled upstream back through the retail, distribution, and agricultural production stages, and even back to production of the fertilisers and pesticides used in agricultural production. more